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Change Your World

Immerse yourself and your family into the universe with our state the art Interstellar. Turn any room into a sea of stars and colors. Form constellations in the comfort of your home and fall asleep under the blanket of stars.


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Ever wished to sleep amongst the stars ?

Well now you can, bring the galaxy to your room with the InterSteller and experience the vastly mysterious galaxy, right from your cozy bed.

Intergalactic Features

• Inbuilt high quality speakers, to help you envision yourself floating amongst the stars.

• Universal look, designed to aesthetically enrichen your home

• Portability - bring the universe with you and complete change the dynamic of any environment !

• Intersteller helps galactic explores relax and provides them with quality sleep every night


In addtion to the breataking Intersteller we are offering the highest quality RGB lights in the market